SnapPE is a PowerShell WPF EXE used to take screenshots within WinPE. You will need to add PowerShell from the ADK for this to work.
This can easily be added to WinPE in OSDBuilder using WinPE Extra Files
In this example I have included SnapPE in Windows Setup (boot.wim Index 2)
I will need to open the Command Prompt by holding down Shift + F10. I can then launch SnapPE in the Command Prompt
Pressing the Snap button will hide SnapPE and record the image as a PNG. The default location of the saves will be in X:\SnapPE
In the case of Windows Setup, saving to the Virtual Drive X won't help much, so I can WIPE my Hard Drive with a nifty script I have embedded, and redirect my snapshots
If I added Microsoft DaRT to Windows Setup, I can move the Snaps that I have already taken to the C Drive so I will have them after Windows comes online, or just redirect to a USB Drive
Now I can take my screenshots during Windows Setup
And when I am all done, everything should be saved in C:\SnapPE

SnapPE Samples

The following screenshots were captured with SnapPE
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